How can I track visitors on intranet?

People who work on intranet often have the same IP address, operating system, and browser configuration. Piwik PRO uses this information to form a visitor’s fingerprint and recognize a visitor. So when people have the same fingerprint, they may be all seen as one visitor.

But Piwik PRO uses two other mechanisms to recognize a visitor — VisitorID and UserID.

Here’s what they mean:

  • VisitorID: an ID stored in a cookie set in the visitor’s browser.
  • UserID: a trustworthy ID available on the website or app. Used when the website or app has a mechanism to strictly recognize the visitor, for example, a person provides the ID on his own or logs in. Once set up, the UserID is used as a single source of truth.

So when you want to precisely count visitors on intranet, you could do two things. You can force Piwik PRO to trust the visitor’s cookie and omit the visitor’s fingerprint. For that, you need to contact us at and we’ll set it up for you. Or you can set up UserID. For that, follow the guidelines in this article: Set up a UserID.

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