How can I find URLs with duplicate page titles?


The page title is a short text that describes the page and is visible in the visitor’s browser tab and in Google or other search engines. It is an important piece of information that allows Googlebot to rank the page and helps the visitor navigate through the search results.

The page title should be unique for each page and each page URL. If the same page title is used on multiple pages, it affects SEO and confuses visitors. It’s as if several books have the same title and different content. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

That’s why it’s good to keep your page titles unique and avoid duplication. Now, if you want to check if you have any duplicates, you can use custom reports in Piwik PRO.

Find duplicate page titles

To find duplicate titles, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics.
  2. Navigate to Custom reports.
  3. Click Add a report.
  4. Select the following report type: Explorer. We’ll use this type because we need to create nested tables.
  5. Name your report.
  6. In Visibility, choose Author or All usersAll users lets you share this report with your teammates.
  7. Set the following conditions:
    • Nested dimensions: Page title and Page URL
    • Metric: Sessions andPage views
    • Filter dimensions: Event type is Page view

    Note: We’re adding this filter to make sure the report includes pages that only have page views recorded.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the page title and browse the page URLs associated with the page title.
    Custom reports in Piwik PRO
  10. Review other page titles in this report and remove the duplicates.
  11. All done! Run this report once in a while to keep the content of your website well organized and optimized for SEO and visitors. It’s a good practice, good luck.

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