How to track how many users open my newsletter emails (using a pixel / beacon)?

You can track how many people open and read your newsletter by adding a small image beacon (pixel) to your newsletter emails.

Please add the following HTML image code in your newsletter:

<img src=";rec=1&amp;bots=1&amp;;action_name=Email%20opened&amp;_rcn=internal%20email%20name&amp;_rck=newsletter_XYZ" style="border:0;” alt=" "="">

Now, whenever someone opens and reads the newsletter, you will see a new “Page title” entry for “Email opened” in your Actions -> Page Titles Report. This information will also be displayed in the Visitor Log.

In this example code snippet example, please replace:

  • with your Piwik PRO instance’s URL;
  • YOUR_PIWIKPRO_WEBSITE_ID with your Website ID.
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