Piwik PRO virtual page view tag

The Piwik PRO virtual page view tag lets you create a virtual page to track elements on your website. The virtual page is not real, but it appears in reports as a real page — it has the page URL and the page title. If you type the virtual page URL in the browser, you won’t find the page. It only exists to help you analyze something.

To create and set up the Piwik PRO virtual page view tag, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Tag Manager.
  2. Navigate to Tags.
  3. Click + Create new tag.
  4. Name the tag and select the Piwik PRO virtual page view tag.
  5. Add URLDocument title, and Referrer URL that you want see in reports for this virtual page view.
  6. A virtual page view setup.

    Note: You can track a previously created custom dimension by picking the index number of the dimension and providing its value. For more, read Create a custom dimension.

  7. In Advanced tag settings, set the tag type. By default, it’s set to be displayed to visitors who consent to Analytics, but you can change it to a different type.
  8. By default, the Respect visitor privacy is turned on. Leave it as is, if you want to respect visitors who set a do-not-track option in their browser.
  9. In Flight dates, set time during which you want to run the tag.
  10. In Tag triggers, click + New trigger or + Existing trigger to set up a trigger for your tag.
  11. Adjust trigger conditions.
  12. Tip: We usually use the click trigger that fires a tag when a visitor clicks a particular click ID.

  13. When you’re done, click Save for the trigger and click Save for the tag.
  14. Test your tag in debug mode.
  15. When you’re happy how the tag works, click Publish.

After some time, data will be collected and you will be able to see virtual page views in your reports. For example, in the page report (Menu > Analytics (new) > Pages).

The page report with a virtual page.

Analytics (classic): Menu > Analytics > Actions > Pages or Page titles.

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