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In order to set up email reports, please go to the Analytics Settings menu and then open Email Reports tag.

Here you can find all your scheduled reports. Unless you have some reports preset, this is the displayed view you‘ll get:

Click on Create and Schedule a report link.

  • In the Description field put some description which will let you easily identify the report in future. This text will be visible on the first page of the generated report and also will be part of the Email Reports list.
  • Choose a segment row is where you can determine which part of your data this particular report will include. You can freely create customized segments according to your needs by going to the main Dashboard and clicking on Add new segment.
  • In Email Schedule you decide on when your reports will be generated and sent. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly and you will get your reports on the first day of each period. You can also decide on Never option so you could download or send the report when it is needed. Then you need to determine if you want it to be sent via Email or Mobile and choose Report Format (HTML, CSV or PDF).
  • In the Send report to row you can specify email addresses of all people who ought to receive your report. It will be by default also sent to your inbox, but you can change it here as well.
  • You already know that logs in Piwik may be presented in many different ways, such as pie charts graphs etc. In Display options you can manage the way your reports will be presented.

The last thing to do is to determine Statistics included in the report. You don’t want to make it too long, right? Choose the ones which may be of value to your receivers. Following screenshot presents some of the metrics you can choose:

Now when you set your first report, you can download, edit or delete it on the Email Report panel.

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