Funnel Analytics

What is Funnel Analytics?

Are you happy with your website’s performance? Maybe you don’t seem to turn visitors into leads at the rate you would like, you’re not generating enough sales on your website, or maybe you’re even losing revenue? Maybe you have a lot of visitors, but a low number of sales? You’d like to find the point at which your visitors seem to lose interest in your content or your product and analyze the conversion process on your website. That is exactly where Piwik PRO Funnel Analytics comes in.

The “funnel” in Funnel Analytics is a visual representation of how users move through a series of steps on their way to completing a goal. You can also understand it as a visual representation of your conversion process – a set of actions that a user has to perform in order to trigger a conversion for a given goal. So, for funnels to exist, you first have to create and specify goals or actions you want your visitors to perform while they are on our website. Each goal/action in a funnel is called a funnel step. A funnel step could be for instance:

  • visiting a specific page
  • visiting a page with a specific URL
  • filling out a form on a given page
  • Why is Funnel Analytics useful?

    First of all, with Funnel Analytics you can define your conversion process, divide it into steps and get a clear visual representation of how your users, both potential and existing customers move through a series of events. And why would this be useful? Because you’ll be able to pick out the exact moment where your conversion process is failing or there is something weird going on. You’ll be able to set up tests, experiments and quickly react to new information. The insights you’ll get from using Funnel Analytics can help you find any bugs or errors on your website, and detect if your visitors have any problems navigating through your website.

    Simply put: If used right, Funnel Analytics can greatly help you improve your website’s conversion rates.

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