Funnels Overview

The Funnel Analytics feature allows users to define “funnels” for existing Goals and displays graphical reports about how users travel through them.

A Funnel is a list of actions that a user has to perform in order to trigger a conversion for a Goal. Each action in a Funnel is called a Funnel Step.

A Funnel Step could be visiting a specific page, visiting a page that contains a specific URL, or visiting a page whose URL matches a specific regex.

Funnel Steps can be required, meaning visitors must perform this action before they can advance through the Funnel. If a step is not required, then it is possible for the visitor to skip it entirely. For example, if a Funnel has a View Product step with the Goal conversion being Purchase Product, and neither step is required, a visitor could go straight to Purchase Product to enter and complete the Funnel.

When a visitor goes through the entire Funnel and then converts a Goal, a conversion is created, but not before.

However, if View Product is set as a required step, then a visitor going straight to Purchase Product will not convert a Goal and will not be recorded in the Funnel.

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