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What is the Meta sites feature?

The Meta sites feature lets you group some or all of your websites into a single Meta site.
Metasites look and work exactly like any other website in Piwik PRO, but rather than display data for a single website, it displays merged data from all of the websites grouped in the Meta site.
You can create multiple Meta sites on one Piwik PRO instance and add as many websites to them as you need.

How does Metasites benefit me?

Piwik PRO Meta sites simplifies the process of reviewing and analyzing aggregated data, saving time and helping you quickly achieve insights that you can apply to all of your web properties at once.


To configure Meta Sites feature, visit the Analytics settings menu and open the Meta sites tab:

In order to create a new Meta site, click on ADD NEW META SITE button.

First, you need to give the Meta site a name, then click the Add button.

Your Meta site has been created, and now you can assign websites to the Meta site.

You can either use the Connect all button to create a Meta site containing all of the websites tracked in your Piwik PRO instance or add websites manually using the Connect a website button.

You can add a website by either providing its SiteID parameter or locating it by name.

After locating the website you want to include, use the Add button to add it to the Meta site. Repeat the process until all of the desired websites have been added.


Meta sites are always prefixed by the [Meta] note before the name to distinguish them from regular websites.

Apart from what has already been mentioned, Metasites do not differ in any significant way from regular Piwik websites:

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