Adding a New Attribute

Apart from attributes automatically mapped from the Analytics, like profile IDs and analytics attributes, you can create custom attributes. This is easily done using Audience Manager either by creating a new attribute or by importing attributes from a CSV file.

To create a new attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Audience Manager.
  2. Navigate to Attributes.
  3. Click a Create New Attribute button.
  4. Name the attribute (use continuous name without spaces). And select an attribute type — text or numeric.
  5. Adding a name for a new attribute
  6. Map a custom event to fill your attribute with data.

In order to base the attribute’s value on a custom event that is recorded in the Piwik PRO Analytics, you need to filter custom events by selecting any subset of the category, name and action fields. Also, you have to specify which attribute of the event is the one you actually want to consider as a value for the new attribute. Once saved, all custom events that match specified filtering rules will have the specified field stored as the selected attribute.

By default, the attributes are inaccessible via public API. To enable access to the attribute, just switch the button as shown below.

Based on the newly configured attribute, you can create an audience.

Please note that the limit of the length for the name of the profile attribute is set as 191 characters.

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