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If you want to track online campaigns you need to tag links with special parameters. You can do it manually or use our Piwik PRO URL builder. In this article, we’ll explain how.

Parameters that you can add

There are six parameters you can add to your URLs:

  • pk_campaign: The name for a campaign. For example, Winter_Promo.
  • pk_source: It helps you identify the advertiser, website, publication, and more. For example, Newsletter, Facebook, Google.
  • pk_medium: It describes the medium used for advertising. For example, CPC, banner, sponsored_post.
  • pk_keyword: It helps you identify paid search keywords. For example, free_bank_account.
  • pk_content: It is used to separate similar content within the same ad. For example, if you have a newsletter with two call-to-action buttons, you can tag each link for each button with a different pk_content parameter, and see which version is working better.
  • pk_cid: It helps you differentiate campaigns using an ID number. For example, if you are using two similar creatives for Facebook, and want to see which one performs better, you can tag them with a different pk_cid parameter.

When you add parameters to a URL, you should always use the pk_campaign parameter. Other parameters are optional, and you can add them if you want to.

How to add parameters

You can add parameters manually, or you can use the Piwik PRO URL builder.

For example, if you were running a Winter Promo campaign on Facebook using a sponsored post, you could use the following parameters:

  • pk_campaign: Winter_Promo
  • pk_source: Facebook
  • pk_medium: Sponsored_Post

If you used these parameters, the campaign URL would look like this:

https://clearbank.com?pk_campaign=Winter_Promo&pk_source=Facebook& pk_medium=Sponsored_Post

View data in the campaign report

Once you set up your campaigns, you can see data related to these ads in the campaign report.

To see the campaign report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics.
  2. Navigate to Reports.
  3. On the left, click Campaigns.
    Campaign report in Piwik PRO

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