Consent Manager Settings

Import privacy settings

You can import consents setup from another website. Thanks that you won’t need to set the same options again for every website one by one.

All the texts and styles and setup from consents forms, top bar and widgets will be imported.

Please note that two options WON’T be imported:

  • custom cookie domains;
  • on/off GDPR compliance.

How to import consents setup from another website:

1. Log in to your Piwik Pro and go to left upper corner Menu and choose Consent Manager

2. Choose proper website from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on “Settings” tab.

4. In “Import consent setup” choose from which you want to import consents setup.

5. Click “Import button” and confirm the action.

Please note that two options WON’T be imported:

  • custom cookie domains;
  • turning on/off the GDPR compliance.
  • Serve consents pop-up after 6 months since the last time it was served

    You can activate “Reacquire visitor’s consent” option if you want to serve consents pop-up again after 6 months since last consents form view.

    Thanks that all the consents which a visitor refused or didn’t give consent to will be displayed again.

    How to turn this option on:

    1. Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Consent Manager section – click “Consent Manager” link in top bar menu.
    2. Choose proper website from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click on “Consent templates” option in Consent Manager menu.
    4. Click on the “Settings” tab.
    5. In “Reacquire visitor’s consent” section check “Ask your visitors for consents again after 6 months from last consents view”

    Manage languages

    Piwik Pro Consent Manager allows to add and manage multiple languages to your consent form and widgets.

    Adding a new language

      1. Go to Consent Manager
      2. Choose the website you want to manage
      3. Click on Settings
      4. Scroll down to the Internationalization section.
      5. Click on the Add language button.

      6. Start typing the name of the language you want to add and choose a proper language from the dropdown list. You can add multiple languages at once.

      7. Click OK button to confirm.

      8. You have added new languages to your list. Since now you can translate your consent form and widgets into the languages you’ve added.

      9. Please note that the languages are not live yet. Please translate the copy first and then activate (make live) the language to make it available for your visitors.

    Translate consent form and widgets

    If you’ve added new languages then you can switch to Consent templates section to prepare a proper copy.

      1. In a top right corner, there is a drop-down list with all the available languages. Choose the language you want to translate to.

      2. Now you can start translating consent forms and widgets. Click on Edit template of an element you want to translate.

      3. In the editor click on elements you want to translate and change the copy on the right side.

      4. If the translation is ready, then click on the Save button to confirm.
      5. Do the same thing with all the widgets and templates.
      6. Once the translation is ready, you can go to Settings section. Scroll down to Internationalization part and click on an icon near the language you want to make live.
      7. Then click on Activate option. Thanks to that the language will be available to your visitors.
      You can also deactivate a language if it’s required.

      Set default language

      You can choose which language should be the default one for your visitors. It means that this language will be displayed to your visitors when they will visit your website for the first time.

      1. Go to settings in Consent manager.
      2. Scroll down to Internationalization section.
      3. Click on an icon near the language you want to make the default.
      4. Click Set as a default option.

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