Custom Reports Overview

Custom Reports let you build a report containing any metric, dimension, and event. In Analytics you are using ready-made reports and sometimes, it can be difficult to access some data or see a few metrics combined together in one report. Custom Reports solve that problem and allow you to create any report you want.

Custom Reports In Piwik PRO

The report visualization templates are flexible and you can share results that your team will easily understand. You are able to create reports using flat or nested tables (with a number of nesting levels available). You can mix your tables with a variety of charts, apply filters and segments to your reports on the fly and get a clear visual representation of your report.

Custom Reports is a new module independent from Analytics. Data is still tracked by the Analytics module and copied to Custom Reports. Since the new module is an improvement on top of the old Analytics module, there might be discrepancies between modules in reports due to different definitions of metrics or broader definition of the event (action in Analytics).

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