Explorer Report

The Explorer report lets you analyze data in the nested table and line chart. Using it you can quickly access granular data, see data on the chart, and compare it over time.

When creating the Explorer report you need to use dimensions for the basic column in the table, and dimensions and metrics for other values in the table. You can create up to five levels of dimensions in the nested table.

The nested table shows you data for the dimension you defined, along with dimensions and metrics. This gives you endless possibilities in mixing data in one table.

The line chart shows you trend for your metrics in a selected period. Using it you can see how the metric has changed over time, compare metrics with each other, or compare the metric for different periods.

Before you start

Before you create your first Explorer report, here are some things to know:

  • To build a report, you need to add at least one dimension in the Dimensions field and at least one metric in the table section.
  • In the field Dimensions, you can add only dimensions. These will be your nested tables that you’ll be able to drill-down.
  • You can add metrics in the table section only. You can’t drill-down by a metric.
  • You can add up to 5 dimensions to the drill-down configuration.
  • You can add dimensions to the table.

Create the Explorer report

To create the Explorer report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics (new).
  2. Navigate to Custom Reports.
  3. Click Add New Report.
  4. Select the Explorer report.
  5. Name the report.
  6. Set up visibility for this report. You can make it visible only for you or for all your teammates.
  7. Add one or more dimensions to the Dimensions section. Note that you need to add at least one dimension to create a report.
  8. Adding dimensions in Custom Reports

  9. Add dimensions and metrics to the table section. Note that you need to add at least one metric to create a report.

Adding metrics in Custom Reports

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