Verify How Many of My Users Are Using a Certain Feature

As a User, you probably would want to be able to verify how many of your Users are using a certain feature so that you could perform specific training if needed.

The measurement of adaptation and usage of different application modules or website sections is based on these assumptions:

-> Modules/sections can be identified by either:

  • part of url
  • url query parameter
  • anything else that can end up as TM variable so it can be tracked

  • -> Custom Dimensions are active and installed
    -> Action Custom Dimension is created to store information about either module or section (whatever you want to track)

    To verify how many Users are using the certain feature:

    1. To create new Custom Dimension (navigate to Analytics Settings → Custom Dimensions).
    2. Choose to create new Action Dimension there.
    3. The placeholder is created. Now you need to choose one of the ways to provide values for it:

  • Using regular expressions to parse the value from URL or URL query parameter using Dimension’s “extraction” feature. In such a case the whole configuration is performed during creation of a dimension
  • Custom Dimension can be set through Tag Manager. To do that enter Tag Manager and create a new variable. Use Custom Dimension Tag template to set the variable in an appropriate moment/context. Set trigger basing on the information about section or module user is currently in.
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