Add a New Content Item

To add a new content item:

1. Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Personalization section – click “Personalization” link in top bar menu.

2. Choose a proper website from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on “Content” option in Personalization menu and click on “+ Create new content” link/ button on content items list on left side.

4. Enter a new content’s name and confirm by clicking “OK” button.

5. Go into content HTML editor (click on “Edit version” button).

6. Paste your content’s code.

You can make changes in your code if it’s needed and press the “save” button. You can also preview the outcome here right after applying the changes.

7. Enter a DIV ID where your content item should be embedded.

8. Set content status:

  • active – to make it live after Website’s publication
  • inactive – to make it not live after Website’s publication (it also won’t be possible to display it in debug mode)

  • 9. Set Flight dates (it’s optional) to schedule when your Content will be live.

    10. Add or choose existing triggers. At least one trigger is needed to fire a content item (e.g. fire on page view).

    In the trigger’s configuration, you can choose for which audiences this content should be fired:

    11. Click “Save” button if you want to save changes.

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