Content HTML Editor

Thanks to the Content editor you can embed an HTML (HTML/CSS/JS) snippet into chosen DIV on website’s page. In our editor, you can paste the code and preview the outcome.

Content item HTML editor

1. Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Personalization section – click “Personalization” link in top bar menu:

2. Choose the proper website from the drop-down menu:

3. Click on “Content” option in Personalization menu and choose a content item’s name you want to edit:

4. Open content HTML editor by click “Edit version” button on the top and paste your HTML (HTML/CSS/JS). You’ll be able to preview the outcome on the right side.

Please note that you are able to add up to 5 versions and set a traffic distribution for all of them.

5. Set the right trigger, flight dates and audience (it’s all explained in details in Adding new Content article.

6. Click “Save” button if you want to save changes.

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