No data – what does it mean?

Sometimes you may see the message No data in reports. This can be caused by:

  • You haven’t installed the container (with the tracking code) yet. Pick one of the installation methods and install the code.
  • You’ve installed the container (with the tracking code), but the data hasn’t arrived yet. The data will appear in reports in about an hour after installation. The data in the tracker debugger will appear instantly.
  • You’ve installed the container (with the tracking code) in the wrong place. If you’re pasting the code by hand, make sure it’s right after the <body> opening tag on every page of your website or app.
  • You’re looking at the date range with no data tracked. Double-check the selected date range.
  • You’re looking at the site or app that has no tracking.
  • You’re looking at the data for custom events, custom dimensions or goals, but you haven’t set them up yet.

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