What should you look for when analyzing your funnel?

After creating your funnel you might feel a little too confident and miss some signs pointing to errors in the funnel set up. It’s a good practice to verify if you are getting the right info. You can do it yourself by carrying out the required steps and finding out if your actions appear on the report (you can use visitors log and look for your IP address if you want to be sure).

But apart from testing the funnel yourself, there are a few signals that should alert you right away:

  • You keep seeing a 100% success rate at each step of your funnel. Oftentimes, this result can occur when you have used a regular expression as a condition for your goal URL. If this is the case, you may want to change the goal conditions to “contains”, or alter your regular expression.

  • Your report shows that most users enter your funnel in places you didn’t predict. This should motivate you to chose the Click Path feature – you can read about how to set up Clickpaths in this article. Analyse the Click Path report thoroughly, compare it to your funnel and redesign it to match the most popular paths taken by your users. Simple and effective.
  • You have a high goal conversion rate, but a low number of visitors who completed the final step in your funnel. This discrepancy is usually a “required step” issue. It means that in the funnel you have checked the step as “required”, yet it clearly is not, because your users seem to complete the goal in a different way. Remember to only mark the really essential steps as required, and change all the other ones to “optional”.
  • Visitor Log shows a user who reached the goal URL by reaching all the required steps, but there is no data for this goal in the Funnel Report? In most cases this means you used the wrong condition for the URL to meet your goal. Try using content or a regular expression pattern instead of an exact match (even if you think you know your goal URL).
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