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Websites Permissions

January 22, 2018

You can find this section after clicking on the Websites.

When you are defining a new website or choose one of the existing ones you can easily navigate to the Permissions tab.

Piwik PRO Marketing Suite bundles a few separate products up and because of that, it has quite a lot of access levels that can be assigned to each user.

Every account added to your Piwik PRO instance needs to be set as either Owner or a User.

Owner has the full rights over the instance and do not need to additionally assign permissions to a given website.

Only Owners can add new Users, new websites, change the appearance of the instance, assign permissions etc..

Please note: Every Piwik PRO instance has to have at least one Owner account.

To switch the account between User and Owner click on the left upper corner Menu of your Piwik PRO Marketing Suite instance and select Users from the drop-down list.

Now locate the User that you want to switch from the right side Menu and use the drop-down selector to choose the role.

In the Websites Permissions section you can assign different permissions to your Users for the particular website:

  • no access
  • view
  • edit
  • edit&publish
  • manage
  • Please note: Only an Owner can make this change.

    Here’s a quick overview of each permissions level: