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Piwik PRO may be used by many people in your company. To share it with your teammates, you need to add a user and set permissions for websites, apps, meta sites, and modules.

In this article, we’ll explain how to add a user.

To add a user, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration.
  2. Navigate to Users.
  3. Click Add new user.
  4. Type an email address used by your teammate.
  5. Type the password and type the password again to confirm it.
  6. Set the language for the UI.
    Set languages for users in Piwik PRO
  7. If you want to grant your teammate the owner access level, toggle the owner privilege. By default, each new user has a user level access and you need to assign permissions for them for each website, app, or meta site.
    Add a user in Piwik PRO

    Tip: The difference between the owner and user is:

    • Owner is the primary contact for the account and can perform all actions in the account, including adding a website, inviting other users to join, assigning a user level, and granting permissions for a website.
    • User can do only specific actions, depending on the type of permission they have for each website. By default, every new User doesn’t have access to anything.
  8. As the last step, grant permissions to the website, app, meta site, or module for this user under Menu > Administration > Websites & appsYour website or app > Permissions, or under Menu > Administration > Meta sitesYour meta site > Permissions. Or optionally, add the user to the user group.
    Add a user in Piwik PRO

    Note: If you want to track changes made by your teammates in the platform, use the audit log.

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