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The custom variable reports are available in the Visitors menu. Piwik reports all the standard metrics: unique visitors, visits, pages, average time on website, bounce rate, conversion rate etc. These reports are for each custom variable name, but also for each value. For custom variables of scope “page”, Piwik will report the following metrics: unique visitors, visits, pages.

There are three basic types of custom variables reports: a simple table, visitor engagement metrics and goal metrics.

In the example below, we created a custom variable name = ‘User status” and value = “Lead”:

As in case of other reports, you can export your custom variable data in a variety of formats:

Custom Variables in the Visitor Log

The custom variables also appear in your Visitors > Visitor Log report. For instance, you can set your custom variables to indicate that a given user is classified as a lead:

Custom variables with a scope “page” will appear in the tooltip when you hover on the Page URL or Page Title in the Visitor Log.

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