Data Subject Requests (Admin Panel)

As required by the GDPR, each data subject request (Data erasure, Data rectification, and Data access and portability) is recorded and can be reviewed by an operator in the Piwik PRO Consent Manager under Data subject requests.

The primary goal of this section is to gather the time and date of any request submission. It also allows for tracking of the progress and status of data subject requests to make sure all of them are processed in a timely manner (under the GDPR, companies have 30 calendar days to respond to the visitor’s request).

The Data subjects requests panel gives an operator the ability to review each request and change its processing status. However, data subject requests should be processed outside of Piwik PRO, as it may involve additional data subject identification, validating that the request is reasonable, fetching data from other sources, etc.
Currently, all user’s data collected in Piwik PRO Marketing Suite need to be fetched or erased manually by a system administrator. This task requires a direct operation on the database. Please, contact our support if you require any further information.

How to use it?

1. Log in to your Piwik PRO Marketing Suite application and go to the Consent Manager section – click Consent Manager link in top bar menu.
2. Choose proper website from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
3. Click on “Data subject requests” option on Consent Manager menu.

Under each Data subject request you can find its details – the visitor’s message and his 1st party cookie data that’s been saved with the request.

4. Click on the chosen item to view ‘Visitor consents & requests history’, which can be of the following types:

  • Consents change
  • Request for data erasure
  • Request for data rectification
  • Request for data access

5. On Data subject requests list you can update each request’s status to one of the following:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • Resolved

6. Operators can view the history of any visitor’s consent status and data subject requests with timestamps for each (visible after hovering the status label).

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