Check if your tracking works correctly

To check why your tracking is not working properly, you can use an inspect tool in your website browser or a debug mode in Tag Manager. In this article, we’ll show you how to work with both methods.

Inspector tool in the browser

Once you right click on any element on your website, pick Inspect or Inspect element, depending on the browser you’re using. In this tool, you will be able to check the following things:

  • Console. In Console, you will see any errors on your website. Please refresh the page to have the most recent information here. For example, if you can see an error code 400 bad request it’s a sign that something is in the wrong place. You can also call different Piwik PRO JavaScript methods here. For example, you can display _paq JavaScript variable here. If when writing this the console will hint you with _paq.push it means that the tracking code was fired on the website. You can also try to call _paq.push(['trackPageView']);.
  • Network. At the very bottom you will see if the _paq worked and tracking code was fired. Look for piwik.php or ppms.php requests. If they are present, it means that the tracking code is working correctly. This request should always return code 200, which means that it’s working perfectly.

We should look through all of the request parameters, check the instance name — it should be the same as the address of your instance. Action name, after = provides you information what kind of action was performed.

Id site will provide you a number and with help of this number you can find out if you are tracking correct website. To compare it with the real site ID in Piwik PRO follow guidelines in this article: Where can I find my website ID?.

  • Application. Here you can check the cookies, those with names starting with _pk will be the Piwik PRO ones, and those Tag Manager’s – stg. Here we can also clear the cookies.

Debug mode in Tag Manager

To check if your tracking works well, you can use a debug mode in Tag Manager. It can be opened by adding /?stg_debug to the end of URL you are displaying or from our application. You can check the Piwik PRO tag, its trigger, and conditions.

Event log in the debug mode, lets you get to know what is actually happening in each moment of working on the website, for example, _stg_click for the click event. Every one of these events has its own variables and its values and we can check the value of a given variable in the moment of firing a given event.

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