Google Ads Integration

In order to enable Google Ads integration, please contact our support at

Once the integration is enabled, you will find the Google Ads Connect under the Menu -> Analytics Settings -> Integration.

1. Connecting with the Google Ads service:

2. First, you’ll need to connect your Piwik PRO instance with your Google Google Ads platform. To do that, open your administration panel and go to the Google Ads Connect tab. Next, paste your Google Ads id into the text field and click connect.

Please note: You can find your Google Ads ID in the top right corner of your Google Ads Dashboard

After a couple of confirmation screens, Piwik PRO will import all of your campaigns from your Google Ads account.

The Google Ads connection uses standard Piwik PRO campaign parameters, so you’ll need to include the appropriate parameters in your Google Ads link. To do that, simply add the following line to each link:


Please make sure “campaignname” is changed to something more meaningful to you.

You can also use the campaign URL builder to create links – it can be found here.

Please note: You’ll need to use the updated URLs in your Google Ads campaigns in order for Piwik to recognize the Google Ads visits correctly

3. Pairing Piwik PRO Campaigns with Google Ads Campaigns.

The last step in configuration requires you to map each of your Google Ads campaigns to one of your Piwik campaign name parameters.

Piwik PRO will automatically pull all of your Google Ads campaigns and display each of them as a single row under the Google Ads Connect tab.
For each row, you’ll need to choose which Piwik PRO website it points to (you can also select all sites).

Next, you’ll need to assign an adequate campaign name parameter from the URL created earlier to each row.

After you finish, scroll down and hit the Save Settings button. And that’s it, now you can start analyzing your Google Ads campaigns in your Piwik PRO instance! 🙂

Technical Support

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

We’re happy to help!