How do I disclose Piwik PRO on my site or app?

When you use Piwik PRO on your site or app, you should inform users that you collect and process their data with Piwik PRO. Explain in simple terms how you use Piwik PRO, what cookies you set in users’ browsers and how you handle the collected data. This not only keeps you compliant with privacy laws but also shows that you value user privacy. Just remember to review the final disclosure with your legal team.

Here are the disclosures you should make:

  1. Disclose Piwik PRO on your privacy policy page: A well-crafted privacy policy is an essential document that outlines your data collection practices, giving users insights into what information is collected, how it is used and who it is shared with.

    Use our templates in English, German and Dutch to build your own disclosure and cover all the necessary information. Make sure you’ve adjusted it to privacy laws like CCPA, CNIL, HIPAA, GDPR or TTDSG. Some of them may require you to disclose more information than others. Review the final version of the disclosure with your legal team and translate it to the languages that your site or app is using.

    Note: If you decide to collect anonymous data from visitors who don’t give their consent, you should include this practice in your privacy policy as well. You can simply say that you’ll create and analyze anonymous datasets related to the use of your site or app. However, before doing so, work with your privacy team to assess whether the datasets are truly anonymous in your case and whether you need to conduct a data protection impact assessment before collecting such data.

  2. Disclose Piwik PRO on your consent form: While it’s common to only disclose the use of cookies on consent forms, the real focus should be on tracking, advertising, remarketing and the like. If you’re using our consent form, make sure to adjust the default descriptions to match how you use and process visitors’ data.

    Just like with the privacy policy, make sure your disclosure aligns with privacy laws like CNIL, GDPR or TTDSG. Don’t forget to review the final version with your legal team to stay on the safe side.

    Note: If you choose to collect anonymous data from visitors who don’t give consent, make sure to mention this on your consent form. You can simply state that you’ll create and analyze anonymous datasets related to the use of your site or app.

Disclosure templates for your privacy policy

English version

We use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as our website/app analytics software and consent management tool. We collect data about website visitors based on cookies. The collected information may include a visitor’s IP address, operating system, browser ID, browsing activity and other information. See the scope of data collected by Piwik PRO.

We calculate metrics like bounce rate, page views, sessions and the like to understand how our website/app is used. We may also create visitors’ profiles based on browsing history to analyze visitor behavior, show personalized content and run online campaigns.

We host our solution on Microsoft Azure in Germany/Netherlands/United States/Hong Kong/ElastX in Sweden, and the data is stored for 14/25 months.

The purpose of data processing: analytics and conversion tracking based on consent. Legal basis: Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR.

Piwik PRO does not send the data about you to any other sub-processors or third parties and does not use it for its own purposes. For more, read Piwik PRO’s privacy policy.

German version

Wir verwenden die Piwik PRO Analytics Suite als unsere Website-/App-Analyticssoftware und verwalten damit auch Einwilligungen. Wir sammeln Daten über Website-Besucher mit Cookies. Die gesammelten Informationen umfassen beispielsweise die IP-Adresse des Besuchers, das Betriebssystem, die Browser-ID, die Browsing-Aktivität und andere Informationen. Sehen Sie sich den Umfang der von Piwik PRO erfassten Daten an.

Wir berechnen Metriken wie Absprungrate, Seitenaufrufe, Sessions und Ähnliches, um zu verstehen, wie unsere Website/App genutzt wird. Wir können auch Besucherprofile auf der Grundlage des Browserverlaufs erstellen und analysieren so das Besucherverhalten, zeigen personalisierte Inhalte an und führen Online-Kampagnen durch.

Wir hosten unsere Lösung auf Microsoft Azure in Deutschland/Niederlande/Vereinigte Staaten/Hong Kong/ElastX in Schweden, und speichern die Daten für 14/25 Monate.

Zweck der Datenverarbeitung: Analytics und Conversion Tracking basierend auf Ihrer Einwilligung. Rechtsgrundlage: Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR.

Piwik PRO gibt die Daten über Sie nicht an andere Unterauftragsverarbeiter oder Dritte weiter und verwendet sie nicht für eigene Zwecke. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Datenschutzrichtlinie von Piwik PRO.

Dutch version

Wij gebruiken Piwik PRO Analytics Suite als analytics-software voor onze website/app en als tool voor toestemmingsmanagement. Wij verzamelen gegevens over bezoekers aan onze website op basis van cookies. Wij kunnen de volgende gegevens verzamelen: IP-adres, besturingssysteem, browser-ID, browse-activiteit en andere gegevens van een bezoeker. Zie de reikwijdte van de door Piwik PRO verzamelde gegevens.

Wij berekenen meetgegevens zoals bounce rate, paginabezoeken, sessies en dergelijke om te begrijpen hoe onze website/app wordt gebruikt. Wij kunnen ook bezoekersprofielen maken op basis van browsegeschiedenis om gedrag van bezoekers te analyseren, gepersonaliseerde content weer te geven en onlinecampagnes te voeren.

Wij hosten onze oplossing op Microsoft Azure in Duitsland/Nederland/Verenigde Staten/Hong Kong/ElastX in Zweden en de gegevens worden 14/25 maanden bewaard.

Het doel van de gegevensverwerking: analyse en conversietracking op basis van toestemming. Grondslag: Art. 6 (1)(a) AVG.

Piwik PRO stuurt gegevens over u niet door naar andere subverwerkers of derden en gebruikt ze niet voor eigen doeleinden. Lees voor meer informatie het privacybeleid van Piwik PRO.

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