Does Piwik PRO Tag Manager work only with Piwik PRO tools?

No. Piwik PRO Tag Manager, except the series of its own asynchronous tags templates (Custom Event, Virtual Page View, Audience Manager, Goal Conversion and Custom Dimensions), can be integrated with multiple external tools.

These could be e.g. Google Analytics Tracking, Google Adwords Tracking Conversion, Google Ads Remarketing, DoubleClick Conversion Tag, Facebook Pixel, SalesMANAGO Tracking, Clicktale Tracking Code, Qualaroo Javascript, Marketo Munchkin Javascript, Crazy Egg Tracking Script, HubSpot Tracking Code, Mautic Tracking Code, Salesforce & Pardot Tracking Code, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Universal Event Tracking Tag, HotJar Tracking Code and AdRoll Pixel.

It can also be integrated with series of synchronous tags: VWO Tracking Code, Optimizely Snippet, and A/B Tasty Tag.

Except for all the integration above you can choose Custom HTML Tag (either asynchronous or synchronous). To find out more about the difference between synchronous and asynchronous tags, take a look at our article.

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