How can I estimate the number of actions for the pricing?

Our pricing is based on the monthly number of actions tracked in Piwik PRO. 
The action is counted when a visitor performs an event. Here are the events in Piwik PRO:

  • Page view: a visitor visits a page.
  • Download: a visitor downloads a file.
  • Outlink: a visitor clicks the link to an external website
  • Searches: a visitor uses your internal search engine.
  • Custom event: a visitor performs a custom event.
  • Goal: a visitor completes a goal.

Additionally, we count as an action the following things:

  • Loading a tag manager container.
  • Loading a consent manager window.
  • Uploading a line item.
  • Sending an API request.

During the trial, we will estimate the number of actions that happen on your website or app and propose the pricing for you. However, if you want to check the number of actions beforehand, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Check the number of hits in Google Analytics. The hits in Google Analytics are similar to our actions. They are not identical though. So the number you’ll come up with will be an estimated value.
  • Check the number of page views on your website. In most cases, the number of actions consists of over 90% page views. But this is not a rule for ecommerce websites where visitors perform many events during the session. Also, if you’re planning to use many custom events or merge data through Audience Manager, the proportions will be different.
  • Check the monthly number of requests in your server log. This will give you a rough number of actions — 10-20% of the original number. The inaccuracy of this calculation is because visitors tend to perform more than one action during one session, some of the visitors use tracking blockers or don’t agree to being tracked.
  • When you use Piwik PRO, you can check the number of events by creating a meta site and custom report. Most often, events are the largest part of all actions. For more, read this article.
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