How to estimate number of actions/number of events properly to know which data plan is best for me?

Piwik PRO pricing is based on the monthly number of Actions tracked by your Piwik PRO instance.

You can learn about what an Action is & how it is measured from this article
But how can you estimate what your plan would be if you are not yet a user of Piwik PRO?

Here are some pointers that can help you out:

Number of Hits – If you are planning on moving to Piwik PRO from one of the other Analytics solutions it’s best to compare the numbers from there. For example, Google Analytics Hits number closely corresponds to the Piwik PRO Action and would be the best way to compare it (of course the numbers will never be equal but it’s good enough for the estimation purposes).

Other analytics solutions also provide similar numbers which should be comparable. And if not it can be good to check the number of Pageviews of your website, in most cases the number of actions consists of over 90% page views.

NOTE: bear in mind not to use these techniques when:

  • You try to find the numbers for an ecommerce website as there are a lot of events per session, or
  • You plan to use a lot of Custom Events , or
  • You plan to upload & merge your external sources data (CRM, transactional system etc) using the Audience Manager as every line-item counts toward the total Actions.

as the percentage may be seriously shifted there. It is best to add them separately — you should be the one to know best how your average customer uses your website. If you’re still not sure — talk to your account executive.

Finally, if you’re not using any analytics solution at all, you can check the monthly number of requests in your server log to roughly estimate the number of actions (it may be 10%-20% off the original number). The reason it is so close approximation is that the visitors tend to perform more than one action when visiting your site. On the other hand, there is a fair share of visitors that use visitor tracking software blockers (ad blockers or similar) or don’t consent to tracking (opt-out) which decreases the number of actions.

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