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A/B tests are a great way to implement changes on the websites in a controlled and safe manner. Not every change we make is successful and A/B tests allow to be make sure that we’re going in the right direction. Piwik PRO Marketing Suite, at the moment of writing of this article, supports automatic integration with three leading A/B testing platforms: Optimizely, VWO andA/B Tasty. Let us start with the Optimizely.

Optimizely Project ID

First of all, we need our Optimizely Project ID. The quickest way to get it is pulling it straight out of the URL of our project page:

Just copy this number, you’ll need it in the next step.

Piwik PRO Tag Manager Configuration

Now go to your PPMS Tag Manager, and create a new synchronous tag:

NOTE: The A/B tags should always be served synchronously. This way the tested page content is displayed immediately after the page load, preventing a visitor from viewing the original content – avoiding Flash Of Original Content (FOOC). If the tag would be served asynchronously then the old version of the page would load first and would be visible for a second or so until the asynchronous tag would kick in, breaking the user experience.

Next, be sure to set up the trigger for your new tag. You may use the standard “All page views” trigger to make sure the optimizely tag will be fired always. Or feel free to limit it with any of the available settings.

You may, for example, decide to run the tests only on particular dates or times of the day. You can of course also choose the tag to fire only on particular page URL etc.
To learn more about the triggers and the possibilities they offer to visit this article:

PPMS Triggers overview

That’s it! You’ve integrated your website with optimizely! You may want to visit your website with the ?_stg_debug parameter to see if the tag fires properly if you have any doubts.

VWO tag

In order to setup a Visual Website Optimizer tag, create it similarly to the Optimizely one – just choose the VWO in the tag selector:

This tag requires VWO account-Id which can be found in the top right corner of the VWO dashboard

Just copy the account number and paste it to the tag:

AB Tasty

AB tasty tag follows the same creation path as the two mentioned before, however the required ID is slightly harder to find. In order to get it select: Settings from the right-side menu in the AB tasty dashboard. Next choose: Generic tag from the Installation code category.

Now copy the part of the Synchronous tag that’s directly between the abtasty.com/ and the .js. It will look something like this:

Copy it to your tag and you’re all set!

Feel free to read more about A/B testing from our blog:

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