How to work with Tag Manager

At the beginning of your journey with Tag Manager, go through this list and check if you have everything set up correctly:

  • Add a tag: Pick a tag from the list of tags and set it up.
  • Add a trigger: A trigger specifies how and when a tag should fire. One trigger can be assigned to multiple tags within the same website. It can make your work much more efficient.
  • Set up a custom event tag: This tag is widely used to collect additional information about visitors’ behavior. For more, read this article or dig into our guide for analytics.
  • Set up a virtual page view tag: This tag is used to track single page applications. For more, read this article.
  • Set up a user ID: A user ID lets you recognize visitors across devices. Tag Manager provides an automatic set up of a user ID, you only need to create a variable that will be holding the userID value. For more, read this article.
  • Fire tags in an order: You can move tags through the list and fully manage their order. It’s pretty useful since you can decide which tags should be fired earlier than the others. To do that you just need to segregate tags by priority and move them through the whole list in the order you want them to be. For more, read this article.
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