Clicktale Tracking Code

ClickTale is an analytics system and service that allows you to visualize your customer’s experience on your website from their perspective. It provides the ability to analyze their interactions and aggregate it in the form of heat maps and reports, as well as individual session replays.

To set this up in a hassle-free way via Tag Manager select Clicktale asynchronous tag template:

Now you can configure your tag where you need to enter the partition.
You can find this by logging into your ClickTale account and looking at the URL. For example: If your ClickTale URL is ‘’, your partition would be ‘07’.

And in the second field – project GUID – it is a unique identifier created by ClickTale and included in the tracking code.

Once you have completed entering the tag information, select the trigger corresponding to the landing page where you would like to fire the tag or create one if it doesn’t exist already and click Save.

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