DoubleClick Conversion

With Google Doubleclick cookie you can tell what sections of your site visitors are browsing. Doubleclick will judge the type of adverts they might like to see from what they’re browsing. For example, if you are on a news website and you visit the sports pages, then adverts for match tickets may be more relevant than makeup ones.

With Piwik PRO DoubleClick Conversion tag template you can easily place the code without any technical skills or need to edit the website’s code.

On the very beginning please create a tag based on the asynchronous template:

Then in the configuration panel you need to paste Conversion ID and the Conversion Label that you can get from DoubleClick. You can also assign a value as well as Export Audience to DoubleClick.

Once you have completed entering the tag information, select the trigger corresponding to the landing page where you would like to fire the tag or create one if it doesn’t exist already and click Save.

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