How Piwik PRO secures your web data

What makes Piwik PRO unique is our commitment to data protection. Our main products are deployed in both on-premises and cloud versions, and each of them adheres to the strictest privacy and security regulations while ensuring our partners retain full data ownership.

Features for enhanced data protection include:

  • 100% data ownership

No matter if you use the Cloud or On-Premises edition, you are the sole owner of the data tracked by your Piwik PRO Marketing Suite – your data is never sent to external servers. Moreover, you will be given guidelines to follow to enable further data privacy measures.

  • Data hosting of your choice

You can store your data in a secure On-Premises location of your choice – highly reliable Piwik PRO servers (EU/US), a third-party vendor data center, or your own infrastructure. You can also take advantage of our convenient and safe private cloud offering.

  • Audit log / Change log

Easily monitor and review user activity in Piwik PRO Marketing Suite: login attempts, password updates, modification of the instance settings, and any API requests made. All these actions get saved in a log available to the super admin.

  • Automatic anonymization of visitor’s ID

Visitor IP constitutes a piece of personal data, but Piwik PRO Marketing Suite elements can be easily configured to mask it.

  • Privacy compliance advice and support

Receive professional support with your platform configuration and setup in order to make it privacy compliant and secure.

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