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UserID may be very useful when it comes to visitor’s identification, e.g., when there is a section on your website for logged in users or you collect any other data such as email addresses.

Once such ID is provided it becomes the primary identifier of the visitor profile. Each UserID will be listed in Users report (any visitor that had no UserID, e.g. was not logged in or acted anonymously will not be represented in this report).

In the report, you will be able to view the number of visits for each user and the actions achieved during those visits, including goals if such were converted.

In addition, it is possible to expand the report to get a few more details such as actions per visit, average time on the website, bounce rate, conversion rate.

Moreover, when hover next to each user’s name there will be an option to open the Visitor Profile:

or see how the metrics in each row changed over time.

For more, read: Set up a UserID.

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