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User ID is a great feature allowing you to use any unique name for your visitors, instead of the default 16-characters Visitor ID. It makes reading reports such as Visitor Log much more user-friendly.

Setting UserID feature is almost effortless when using Piwik PRO Tag Manager, but can also be achieved without it. You can read about the UserID setup here.

There are couple of reports that are using the UserID feature in the Piwik PRO Analytics module, here’s a quick overview of them:

User report

The main report of the UserID feature is a standard Piwik PRO table offering overview of couple of key metrics for each of our tracked Users. To open it, select Visitors from the left-side menu and then click Users:

From there you’ll be greeted by a nice table showing you all of the visitors that interacted with your website and had the UserID assigned. Any visitor that had no UserID (e.g. was not logged in or acted anonymously) will not be represented in this report. Because of that the Users Report numbers can be lower than the Visitors numbers.

Visitor log and visitors in real-time reports

These two real-time reports show actions of each visitor. They will place a UserID next to every visitor that can be assigned with one.

Visitors in Real-time is one of the default dashboard widgets, while the Visitor Log is a much larger report that can be found under the Visitors category of the left-side menu.


As most of the metrics in Piwik PRO, you can also segment the data based on the UserID. For example, let’s say that you pass a visitor’s email address as the UserID, you might want to filter all of the visitors, for whom email domain is Just create a segment with a condition UserID contains and you’ll be able to see all of the Piwik PRO reports for said users.

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