Visitor Profile

When you hover over an individual user box in the Visitors Log Reports, you will see the View visitor profile link:

The Visitor Profile helps you to understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarizing and listing your visitors’ visits and actions.

Using the information displayed on the Visitor Profile, you’ll be able to better understand:

  • why your visitors viewed your website;
  • what specific elements your visitors are looking for and whether they find it on your website;
  • why your returning visitors keep coming back to your website.
  • Visitor profile provides you with key details on your individual user. In the top left corner you will find:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.
  • The provider name of your visitor is displayed as a tooltip that appears when you hover over the IP address. In a similar manner, the visitor’s plugins show up when you hover over the browser:

    Below you can find details of the first and last visits, with a summary of each visit’s referrer, if applicable:

    Visitor location section

    Location section displays the locations from which the visitor entered your website, you can also click on the Show Map link to view your visitor on a map:

    Visited pages

    On the right-hand side of the visitor profile you can see details of each of the visitor’s sessions:

    Visitor profile by default displays up to 10 visits, but you can click on the Load more visits to see all of them – there is no limit on the number of visits that you can view.

    If you want to go deeper and view details of an individual visit, including for instance what browser was used during that particular session, you can click on the visit header:

    It will then display details of that particular visit in the top left section of the Visitor Profile popup window.

    Visitor Navigation

    Visitor navigation is possible when you hover over the top left section of the visitor profile window. You will see two arrows enabling you to navigate to older and newer visitors’ profiles:

    You can also embed a visitor profile as a dashboard widget. Simply select the Visitor Profile under the Live! In the widgets menu of your dashboard.

    You can also embed the Visitor Profile outside of Piwik PRO – to do so you can use the Widgetize plugin. Generate the Widgetize link, and subsequently point an iframe into it. The quickest way to do it is to open the visitor profile for your desired user, click on their visitor ID and open it in a new window or tab:

    The URL you will receive for this new page can be used to embed the profile for that specific visitor outside of your Piwik PRO.

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