Check your tracking code setup

1. Using Piwik PRO reports

The best way to check if your code is implemented correctly is to log in to your Piwik PRO account, as Piwik PRO offers you reports that work in real time, such as:

Choose Visitor Log or Visitors in Real Time report and simply check if your activity appears on the report. You can always ask someone to open the website, but the standard code will track your actions, and they should appear in the report.

Remember: Most of the data in Piwik PRO requires archiving process to run to populate the reports. An Archiving process is scheduled on Piwik PRO Cloud to run every hour, so usually your data is visible in the reports within next 60 minutes. So don’t freak out if you look at the Piwik PRO dashboard and don’t see any new visitors.

2. Using a browser extension

If you don’t want to validate and test your implementation using Piwik PRO, you can simply choose a browser extension, which will display you all the information you need. Ghostery could be a great choice for you. This application will show you all the tags that are present on a given website, and you’ll confirm if the tracking code is working correctly with just one click of the mouse.

Ghostery has a number of useful options, including the ability to block scripts, images, iframes, and objects from companies you don’t trust.

3. Inspecting pages’ code

There’s also a way to manually inspect the page where you implemented the tracking code by simply using your browser. Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it really it.

Open the website , where you earlier inserted the code and right click on it. Now choose “inspect” or “inspect element”.*

*The command may differ depending on the browser you’re using. Our guide steps should for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Open the “Network” tab and filter the results by searching for “piwik”*

*Searching for “piwik” will usually work for you, but if you have a custom domain you should search either for that domain or for piwik or for tracker.php.

Refresh the page.
If the code has been implemented correctly you should see two elements: a JavaScript library (piwik.js) and a tracking request (piwik.php).

Question: What if there’s only one element? This could mean that there might be a mistake in the tracking code

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