How can I comply with applicable data protection laws?

Data protection laws are popping up all around the globe. Over 80 countries have their own regulations. In the European Union, there’s the well-known GDPR. In the USA, laws like HIPAA apply. And in Great Britain, there’s the Data Protection Act 1998.

Crafting and applying a legal policy for your website usually needs a lawyer’s expertise. But we can offer you various ways to protect visitor data and follow the law.

Here are privacy options in Piwik PRO:

  • Consent Manager: This tool lets you collect and manage visitor consents. It’s linked to Tag Manager and only triggers tags based on visitor consent. Read more
  • Mask visitors’ IP addresses: This feature lets you add an extra layer of privacy protection for visitors. Read more
  • Respect opt-out and DNT: This feature is turned on by default for each tag. It means we won’t collect data from visitors who choose not to be tracked using browser settings (Do-Not-Track) or our opt-out form. Read more
  • Let visitors opt out of tracking: This is a simple widget that lets visitors opt out of tracking by Piwik PRO. While this mechanism isn’t GDPR-compliant, some organizations still choose to use it instead of a proper consent mechanism. Read more
  • Turn off visitor cookies for visitors: You can decide not to use cookies to collect visitor data. Read more
  • Turn off a session hash: You can choose not to use a session hash to identify visitor sessions. Read more
  • Choose the hosting method: When using Piwik PRO, you can pick where your data is hosted. Some countries require you to keep data in their area.

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