Can I use network domain and service provider dimensions in Piwik PRO?


Yes, Piwik PRO collects data about an internet service provider used by a visitor to enter your website. It also recognizes an organization, like a business, educational, or government unit, from which a visitor browses your site.

These dimensions are mostly used to uncover bot and spam traffic, and large companies apply them to filter out internal traffic from reports.

Here are the names and definitions of these dimensions in Piwik PRO:

  • Provider: The name of the visitor’s internet service provider.
  • Organization: The name of the visitor’s organization, such as a business, educational or governmental unit. The organization is a company to which the internet service provider has sublet the IP address range. When an organization is not identified, this dimension contains the name of the internet service provider instead of the name of the business.

Note: The name of the organization is available to approximately 40% of corporate, government and educational networks.

To view provider and organization data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics.
  2. Navigate to Reports.
  3. On the left, click Location.
  4. Select the following section: ISP or Organization.
    Location report in Piwik PRO

    Note: When you see No data for a provider or organization dimension in reports, it’s because the IP address of the visitor is not available. In most cases, it’s because the IP address is masked. IP masking happens when any of these options is turned on:

    • Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > IP masking > Mask IP addresses (on)
    • Administration > Settings > Privacy > IP masking > Mask IP addresses (on)
    • Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Ask visitors for consent (on) > When visitors don’t consent > Collect data using a 30-minute cookie (on) 
    • Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Ask visitors for consent (on) > When visitors don’t consent > Collect data without using cookies (on) 

You can use provider and organization dimensions to build a custom report or apply a segment to your reports.  

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