What does Piwik PRO track as actions?

Here’s a list of actions tracked by Piwik PRO:

Basic actions

  • Broken event: An event that wasn’t tracked correctly due to some error. Broken events are reported only in the tracker debugger and contain a message that can help you fix the issue.
  • Custom event: A visitor performs a custom event.
  • Content impression: A visitor sees a custom popup or content.
  • Content interaction:  A visitor interacts with a custom popup or content.
  • Download: A visitor downloads a file.
  • Excluded event: An event that was filtered out.
  • Goal conversion: A visitor completes a goal.
  • Heartbeat: A ping requests responsible for counting the time spent on a page.
  • Outlink: A visitor clicks the link to external website.
  • Page performance metric: A ping request responsible for calculating page performance metrics. 
  • Page view: A visitor visits a page.
  • Search: A visitor uses your internal search engine.

Consent actions

  • Consent form impression: A visitor sees a consent form on your site.
  • Consent form click: A visitor clicks on a button on a consent form on your site.
  • Consent decision: A visitor makes a decision using a consent form on your site.

Ecommerce actions

  • Ecommerce order: A visitor buys your product.
  • Abandoned cart: A visitor abandons the cart.

SharePoint actions

  • SharePoint: Additional events tracked when you’re using SharePoint integration.

Tip: For more on actions, see this article: Where can I see how many actions I’ve tracked this month?

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