DoubleClick Floodlight Counter

The DoubleClick Floodlight Counter tag template allows you to count the number of times that users have visited a particular page after seeing or clicking one of your ads.

To set it up – select DoubleClick Floodlight Counter as the asynchronous tag template:

Right now you can configure your tag where you need to enter Advertiser ID, Group Tag String and Activity Tag String and select preferred Counting Method (Standard, Unique or Per Session)

In Doubleclick code:

  • Find the value of “src= ” and enter it into Advertiser ID;
  • Find the value of “type= ” and enter it into Group Tag String;
  • Find the value of “cat= ” and enter it into Activity Tag String.
  • Floodlight custom variables are key-values that can be used to track data that you collect about your users, for example, the type of shoes that a user purchases. Custom Floodlight variables use the keys u1=, u2=, etc. For each custom variable, select Tag Manager’s Variable that contains the value you want to pass to the Floodlight custom variable.

    Once you have completed entering the tag information, select the trigger corresponding to the landing page where you would like to fire the tag or create one if it doesn’t exist already and click Save.

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