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When you’re defining a new website – it will already have one tag defined – Piwik PRO. This is something that you cannot remove – it is the Analytics tracker that needs to be included in the configuration for anything to work. There is plenty of switches here and we will explain all of them below.

Piwik PRO Analytics setup

Enable link tracking – is turned on by default and it’s used to track Downloads and Outlinks in the Analytics module.

Enable content tracking – is turned off by default and turning it on will make all elements of content tracking as well as the the content made in Personalization module being tracked. Please take a look at our Content Tracking article.

Enable cross domain tracking – it’s turned off by default and it allows you to track same visitor path through multiple domains. You can read on how to set it up in our article about Cross-domain tracking.

Accurately measure the time spent on each page – this feature allows you to measure the exact time spent by the visitor on each page. By default the amount of time spent on a given page is a difference between beginning of this page view and beginning of the next page-view. If given page-view is the last one, it will not be counted because Piwik PRO will not know how long the visit took (since there is no subsequent page-view event). So here you can enable what we call heartbeat, which will be sending lightweight call every 15 (or other selected number) seconds to tell the app that the Visitor is still on the website and the visit is still ongoing. However, setting the ping number below 15 seconds may slow down the website.

Set userID – this feature gives you ability to add your own identifier for a Visitor that you are stating is not randomly generated. It allows you (throughout all app – not only here) to take advantage of the variables. You are able to define your own variables in the Variables Tab. Please take a look here how to set up UserID step-by-step here.

Set cookie domain – it’s turned off by default. It’s needed for cross-domain tracking. It allows you to define across which domains the user should be tracked.

Disable cookies – it’s turned off by default and it’s made to disable the cookies. We are not recommending to turn it on as it may cause additional problems in tracking process. It may be turned on for the security reasons.

Piwik PRO configuration information

Those are fixed by default. Piwik PRO domain and ID are defined by your Piwik PRO Marketing Suite account.

Custom Variables

To add a new Custom Variable copy fields from Piwik PRO Custom Variables section in Personal Settings. Take a look at this article to know more about the feature.

If you want to track Piwik PRO Custom Dimensions you have to pick the index number of a dimension and provide its value. Take a look at this article to know more about the feature. You can also check this article that covers the subject of differences between Custom Variables and Custom Dimensions.

Advanced tag settings

Tag Type – These settings are available for all the tags in Piwik PRO Tag Manager. They apply when the GDPR Compliance setting is turned on for a given website. Take a look how to turn it on here. After turning it on, you need to pick the tag type. Every tag type except of the “Does not require consent” will require Visitor consent to fire.
toggle the Do Not Track preferrence respecting.

Do not fire in the Debug Mode – once this is ticked the tag will not be fired in the debug mode. Why to tick this? Sometimes you may have tags that are connected with some display CPC campaigns and you simply do not want to waste money when you’re doing some testing.

Flights dates

This option is available for all the tags in Piwik PRO Tag Manager. You can schedule when your tag will go live. For this particular tag the default settings are the best.

Tag Triggers

This option is available for all the tags in Piwik PRO Tag Manager and is crucial for all the tags to work. You should as well leave the default settings in here. Take a look at our articles about the triggers here.

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