Creating and Managing Goals

Creating a Goal

Click Goals (1) in the main menu and choose Manage Goals (2) section. This is an overview of all goals you’ve created (3). Click Add a new Goal (4) below the list.

You can use the form to define any criteria a visitor may need to ‘convert’.

Here’s what you can define in Manage Goal section:

  • Name of your goal – provide a suitable name for a particular goal for easy navigation. Make it clear and easy to understand for other users, executives or clients.
  • Criteria for your goal – determine when a goal is achieved. You can do it with a set of in-built conditions or manually (see the section: Setting Goals manually).
  • Number of allowed conversions per Goal – Allow or forbid multiple conversions per visit
  • Add value to a Goal – set a default revenue for each conversion.
  • Set up a funnel
  • Set up Multi Attribution reporting (only if Conversion Attribution feature is activated).
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