Difference between exit rate and bounce rate

Bounce rate for the visits that started on a given page is the percentage of them for which this particular page was the only one visited and there were no other actions, for example download or custom event, recorded. This means that the visitor left the website after simply viewing only that particular page. What is important to notice is that the visits that did not start with a given page are not taken into account when calculating the rate.

There is no separate report in Piwik PRO Marketing Suite to see the pages that the visitors bounce off but the Pages and Page titles reports allow to sort the pages by the bounce ratio:
Page titles report sorted by the bounce rate

If you need to see the number of bounces for a particular page and not just a ratio, you can use the export feature for Pages or Page titles report.

Exit rate is the percentage of all visits, including a given page, which ended on that particular page. Visits that do not include the particular page are not taken into consideration when calculating the rate and at the same time it is not important how many times this page was viewed during the visit. Also, in contrary to a bounce, an exit will be registered for a page even if there will be other following actions recorded, for example download or scroll event, as long as it will not be a page view or site search action.

There is a dedicated Exit pages report to see both Exit rate and Exits absolute numbers. The exit rate is also presented on Page and Page titles reports.
Exit pages report showing exit absolute numbers and exit rate


Below is an example of how the rates are calculated. Let’s consider the following visits:

  1. Page A –> site search
  2. Page B –> Page A –> Page C
  3. Page A
  4. Page B –> Page C
  5. Page B –> Page A –> scroll event
  6. Page C –> Page A –> Page B –> Page A –> Page B

Bounce rate for page A: 50%
2 visits started with page A and only in 1 case (visit #3) it was the only action during a visit.

Exit rate for page A: 40%
There were 5 visits that went through page A and in 2 cases (visit #3 and #5) it was considered an exit page (the site search action registered in visit #1 makes the page A not counted as an exit page)

The above example proves that bounce rate can be higher than the exit rate, even though it appears to be not so obvious at the first glance.

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