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In Piwik PRO you can set 5 different types of goals presented above. Here’s how you can actually use them in your work.

  • Visit a given URL This goal is registered when a specific location on your website loads. Example: You set Thank you page after filling up a contact form. You can add this page URL to track contact form conversions.
  • Visit a given Page Title Use it when you want to track pages with a particular title.Example: You can track loads of every page which contains words Order Confirmation in a title.
  • Send an event A goal can be registered for any event you set for your website (list of your events can be found in Actions menu -> Events).Example: You created a pop-up encouraging users to signup for your newsletter. A single signup can be tracked as a goal.
  • Download a file If you allow any files to be downloaded directly from your website, you can set a download as a goal. Example: You want users to download your application. You add a download link on your homepage. By adding a filename in Piwik PRO goal manager you can track those downloads.
  • Click on a Link to an external website You can track a goal when your visitors click on external links on your website. Example: You link to your business partner’s’ website. You established that he pays you a fee for every visitor who converts to his website. You can track a number of those visits on your side with goal tracking.
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