Goals Overview

A Goal is your strategy or priority. It can entail many things (“sold item,” “new sign-up,” “downloaded e-book,”) depending on what you want your users to do on your website.

When a visitor reaches a Goal, we say that a conversion has happened. If you want to specify how well your website converts visitors over time, we use the conversion rate. Once you decide on your goals, the conversion rate of your desired action will become your main focus. You will be able to improve this metric by tweaking and adjusting your website and seeing how all these changes affect completion of your goals.

Goals in Piwik PRO let you establish and analyze a desirable action during the visitor’s journey which you have defined as the success. It may be a form submission, file/document downloaded or just a visitor landing on a particular page. There are various options in defining your own Goals.

As a Goal, you can mark:

  • A visitor Landing on a particular URL (page or group of pages) – the goal will be registered as soon as specified URL address or group address (string) loads;
  • A visitor Landing on a page with particular Page Title – that may be very useful to track any page that has e.g “order confirmation” in its title or 404 /Page not found error;
  • When a visitor sends an Event – Goal will be registered for any event you set for your website e.g. scroll, video watched etc.;
  • Visitor downloading a file;
  • Visitor clicks on a link to the external website.
  • Also, it is possible to create a Manual Goal if built-in options do not meet your requirements.

    Those more advanced conditions you can create via Tag Manager.

    For each Goal optionally, you may activate Funnel where you define set of steps that you expect a visitor to take before completing the conversion and then in the report view where this process usually fails.
    The insights you’ll get from using Funnel can help you find any bugs or errors on your website, and detect if your visitors have any problems navigating through your website.

    To get better insights into the Goals and how those are converted we recommend checking the Conversion Attribution and to see the most popular page sequences – ClickPath.

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