Consent Manager and Firing Tags Mechanism

When you turn on the GDPR compliance, it’ll change the way tags are being served. In this article, we’ll show you how it impacts tags.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • By default a visitor is opted-out. All tags of tracking types won’t be fired until a visitor will agree to be tracked (send consents).
  • During the first visit, a visitor receives a a pop-up modal consent or a bottom bar consent..

A visitor may do three things:

  • Close the pop-up without making any decision. In this situation, Piwik PRO will still serve a sticky bar at the top or bottom of the page to remind the visitor to review their consent status (optional).
  • Do not agree to be tracked – a visitor will still be opted-out. Only tags marked as Does not require consent can be fired.
  • Agree to be tracked – visitor opt-in. Tracking tags can be fired.

Please note that a visitor can send different consent for each tag types. For example, agree to remarketing but not to marketing automation.

  • On the consent form pop-up, only the consents required for published tags will appear. For example, if there is analytics type used in all our tags, then on the pop-up there will be only the consent for analytics displayed.
  • Consent Manager uses a single first-party cookie. All consents decisions are saved for 3 years.
  • Data subject requests are also saved in the Consent Manager database to populate each visitor’s consent history.
  • If a visitor deletes their cookies they will see a consent form pop-up just like a new visitor. Consent Manager will also treat them like a new visitor and they will have blank consent history.
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