Consent Manager and Firing Tags Mechanism

Turning on GDPR compliance is changing the way of serving tags:

1. By default a visitor is opted-out
All tags of tracking types won’t be fired until a visitor will agree to be tracked (send consents).

2. During the first visit, a visitor receives a pop-up with consents.

A visitor has 3 possibilities:

a) close pop-up without making any decision. In this situation, Piwik PRO will still serve a sticky bar at the top or bottom of the page to remind the visitor to review their consent status (optional).

b) do not agree to be tracked – a visitor will still be opted-out. Only tags marked as Does not require consent can be fired.

c) agree to be tracked – visitor opt-in. Tracking tags can be fired.

Please note that a visitor can send different consent for each tag types (eg. agree for Remarketing and do not agree for Marketing Automation).

3. In consents form pop-up there are served only those consents which are required regarding currently published tags. E.g. if there is only one tag of Analytics type, then in pop-up there is only one proper for analytics tag type consent displayed.

4. Consent Manager makes use of a single first-party cookie. All consents decisions are saved for 3 years.

Data subject requests are also saved in the Consent Manager database to populate each visitor’s consent history.

If a visitor deletes their cookies they will see a consent form pop-up just like a new visitor. Consent Manager will also treat them like a new visitor and they will have blank consent history.

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