Learning About Different User Personas Using Segments

One of our more unusual Piwik PRO reports that we can create are buyer personas reports. We create them by creating four advanced Segments and see what their purchase rates are. This report is built by taking the “site average pages per visit” & “site average time on site”. In reality, we do not create 4 different Segments but rather 4 different Audiences for which we can optimize our customer journey and funnels.

This is how these 4 segments are being created:

  • Methodical Marys (sample name) – visit the site for longer than the average and view more pages than average. They are taking their time to make a decision.
  • Lost Lucys (sample name) – hit a lot of pages in a short time. They seem to be looking for something and not finding it.
  • Bouncy Bobs (sample name) – visit fewer pages than the average and spend less time than the average. Bobs typically include the least qualified traffic on the site.
  • Ready to buy but struggle – they represent the same behavior as users who had converted recently and became a customer. They spend the same amount of time browsing website and generate the same number of actions. They may also visit the same key pages like shopping cart page or a contact page. They seem almost the same but yet struggle to go one step ahead and convert.
  • Once we have the segments, we can examine their conversion rates, funnel flows, devices, customer journey touchpoints and funnel drop-offs. It gives you the first segmentation approach as you begin to understand the visitors to a site. Usual reports to combine with provided segments:

  • Visitor log and Visitor Profiles are always useful reports when trying to map a customer journey, especially when combined with the power of segmentation
  • Funnel visualization report when analyzing how each segments interact with the funnel and how do they drop-off at each stage of the funnel
  • Comparing those segments, side by side using Comparison Dashboards. Especially effective for funnel performance comparison for between segments.
  • Setting up Methodical Marys Segment

    The first thing we need to look for is the average time users spend browsing our website and the average number of pages visited during a single visit. This information can be easily found in the Visitor’s Overview report:

    In this example, we see that on average our website Users spend 3 minute and 27 seconds on browsing the content and in the process generate on average 3,5 actions. Now that we have the data we need, we can navigate our way to the segment creation and apply it there.

    After setting up the Segments it will take up to 2 hours for the data to get refreshed and recalculate. But before it happens it is vital to test if the new segment really works. In order to do that you should navigate your way to the Visitor Log report. If the report seems empty, it means that the segment setup is invalid. We need to get back to the previous step and fix the set up. If the Visitor Log is displaying a list of visitor profiles enter some of them and check if the data in the profiles matches your segments setup.

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