Consent Widgets Overview

Turning the GDPR compliance on/off has a great impact on firing tags mechanism. This feature changes how tags are triggered and how data is collected and makes the Consent widgets visible on your website.

This section of Piwik PRO Marketing Suite contains:

  • Simple Consent Form – it helps visitors to give consent faster. All that is needed is a click on the button with no need to check any options before. It can be used only for one tag type. This pop-up will be served only if it’ll be activated and there will be only one type of consent to display – the same type as defined in Simple consent form options.
  • Extended Consent Form – it’s a consent pop-up asking for a permission to collect data for a defined set of purposes (e.g. Remarketing, A/B testing, etc.). Until the consent is given, certain categories of tags won’t be fired. If a visitor does not consent to some or all data collection purposes, the corresponding tags will stay disabled.
  • Thank you note – is shown after a visitor submits their privacy consent choices. It’s off by default and it’s optional.
  • Extended Consent Form Failure Note – is being used as a notification after failure to submit a privacy consent choice. It appears in case of any connection problem and gives a visitor a chance to try again and submit the consent.
  • Consent bar – it is is a “sticky” bar displayed at the top or bottom of the page to remind visitors about their rights regarding collection and processing of their data for specific purposes. Upon clicking it, the visitor will see either the Single consent or Extended consent form. It will be shown until the visitor submits the form.
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