Extended Consent Form

First-time visitors will see a consent form (pop-up) asking for a permission to collect data for a defined set of purposes (e.g. Remarketing, A/B testing, etc.). Until the consent is given, certain categories of tags won’t be fired. If a visitor does not consent to some or all data collection purposes, the corresponding tags will stay disabled.

Tags that do not require consent will be fired regardless of consent status. You can set which tags require consent and assign a consent category for all custom tags that you add.

Setting Up Extended Consent Form

1. Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Consent Manager section – click “Consent Manager” link in top bar menu.

2. Choose a proper website from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on “Consent templates” option in Consent Manager menu.

4. Click on “Edit template” button on “Extended consent form” section.

5. Click elements on visual editor and adjust options on the right side. You can adjust:

  • copy;
  • basic styles (colors);
  • a link to your Privacy Policy page.
  • 6. Click on “Save” button at the top to confirm changes and make it live (you do not need to publish the website in Tag Manager).

    The pop-up will be fired only, if:

    – GDPR compliance feature is on (activated);
    – at least one tag of tracking type is published;
    – a visitor didn’t receive a consent form pop-up before or didn’t consent to new tracking tag types.

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